Lucys Land of Lights

Welcome to Lucy's Land Of Lights!

As seen on Christmas Light Finder!

Come see us this year!! Information is under the When and Where tab to the left.

News: 11/13/2014

The lights are going up and we have exciting new things to display this year. Lights will be on Friday after thanksgiving! 530pm!

Come by and see them! Don't forget to tune to 88.3 FM!!!


One of last years videos!


88.3 fm is our radio station so stay in your car and stay warm while enjoying the show!

Kindly remember to turn your parking lights on when viewing.

A donation button is under giving thanks, anyone who donates to the show will have their name on the giving thanks page!

Here is where you will find the information on if the show is running on schedule or if we are affected by mother nature.

The show is: OFF


The show WILL NOT run if it is raining or snowing for our visitors safety


Don't forget we will have a canned food drive each night to donate to one of the local charities in Chantilly.

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Please  read the When and Where? for more information.